Former Vicars
Worship Time: Sunday @ 10:00AM
2773 Milburnie Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610
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Former Vicars


 Rev. Renu John (May 1, 2012-April 30, 2015) was the first resident Vicar to service NCMTC for 3 years term. Parish bought the permanent worship place at 2773 Milburnie Road, Raleigh, under Achen's able leadership. Achen's home parish is Jerusalem MTC, Kurathikad, Maverlikkara.  Spouse: Sonia Renu John Children: Rohaan, Johaana. Parishes served are: Bethel MTC Elanthoor East, St.Paul's MTC Pariyaram, St. Peter's MTC Thamarassery Kozhikode, Ebenezer MTC Puthupady Kozhikode, St. Thomas MTC Santa Cruz Mumbai, Bethel MTC Vellathooval Adimaly, Jerusalem MTC Mankulam Munnar



Rev. Dr. Philip Varghese (May 1, 2011- April 30, 2012) served short term as the Vicar of NCMTC. Achen was the first resident Vicar to serve this parish. After ordination he was appointed by the Church as Lecturer and later as Professor of Physics at St. Thomas College, Kozhencherry. Achen later became the Principal of St. Thomas College and Retired as Principal of the College. He later served as Missionary of Satna Ashram and as Principal of Satna Higher Secondary School. He received his Doctorate (Doctorate in Ministry) from Southern Methodist University. Other parishes and institutions served are Kozhencherry Parish, Dallas, Oklahoma and Lubbock.



Rev. Vinoy Daniel (May 1, 2010-April 30, 2011) served  short term as the Vicar of NC MTC while serving as Secretary to the then Diocesan Bishop. Achen's Home Parish is Panamannu Emmanuel Mar Thoma Church , Nilamboor, Kerala.



 Rev. Samuel Santhosham  (May 1, 2007- April 30, 2010) served a twice a month service as our NC MTC Vicar while serving as the resident Vicar of Baltimore MTC. Achen is the first Vicar to complete the 3 years term in NC MTC.



Rev. Saji P. Thomas (Jan 1, 2006-April 30, 2007) was the first Vicar in regular service to serve our parish. Achen fulfilled his responsibility by sharing a monthly service for NC MTC while also serving as the resident Vicar of St. Luke MTC Florida.



Rev. George C. Mathew (July 1, 2004-December 31, 2005) is NC MTC first Vicar. Achen was retired from regular service at the time of his appointment as first Vicar of North Carolina MTC

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