Church Choir
Worship Time: Sunday @ 10:00AM
2773 Milburnie Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610
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Church Choir

“Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.” Psalm 105:2



 The North Carolina Marthoma Church (NCMTC) Choir helps lead the worship service at NCMTC Church as well as other special church occasions.

 NCMTC choir 2022


  • Leading Sunday Worship
  • Leading singing sessions prior to worship service
  • Annual Christmas Carols
  • Easter and mid year presentations
  • Choir Sunday



There are 41 members in the choir. Choir has English and Malayalam wings to lead in English and Malayalam worship services respectively. Each wing is divided into 4 groups to sing with four part harmony.

Malayalam Wing

1  Alice Mathew
2  Anoop Mathew (Choir Master)
3  Anupa Ninan
4  Beena Finny (Asst. Choir Master)
5  Bitty Varghese Zacharia
6  Jaison Idicula
7  Manu Koshy
8  Manu Thomas
9  Nancy Philip
10  Rincy Samuel
11  Roney Daniel
12  Sherina Bitty Zacharia
13  Shoba Kuruvilla
14  Sobha Elizabeth Cherian
15  Susamma Yohannan
16  Susan Cherian
17  Tara Thomas Mohan
18  Varghese John John


English Wing

1  Amy Cherian
2  Ansu Koshy
3  Ashley Mathew
4  Marissa Ann Koshy (Asst. Choir Master)
5  Michael Mathew
6  Sarah Daniel
7  Sharon George
8  Lincy Mathew
9  Jerusha Jaison
10  Anly Mary Thomas
11  Dr. Pravin Chacko
12  Dr. Albin John Abraham (Choir Master)
13  Philip Moni Abraham
14  John Thomas Daniel
15  Dennis George
16  Sandeep Mohan
17  Varghese John
18  Nikhil Thomas
19  Lincy Chandy
20  Anju Zachariah
21  Aaron Koshy
22  David Moni Abraham
23  Nathan Mohan


Choir Committee

The following are the 2022 Choir Committee Members.

  1.     President– Rev. John P. Varghese
  2.     Choir Master (ENG) – Dr. Albin Abraham
  3.     Asst. Choir Master (ENG) - Marissa Koshy
  4.     Choir Master (MAL) - Dr. Anoop Mathew
  5.     Asst. Choir Master (MAL) - Beena Finny
  6.     Junior Choir Master – Amy Cherian
  7.     Choir Secretary – Anju Zachariah
  8.     Accountant – Alice Mathew
  9.     Committee Members : Varghese John, Shoba Kuruvilla, Jerusha Jaison, Anly Thomas
  10.     Auditor: Roney Daniel


 MINNUM THARAKAM - A Christmas CD Album

On November 6th, 2016, Rt. Rev. Isaac Mar Philoxenos inaugurated the NCMTC CD project “Minnum Thaarakam”. It had been our long standing desire to compile and publish an audio CD with Malayalam Christmas songs in four part harmony. These songs have been both sung and recorded here in North Carolina, by members of our own choir. We are dedicating majority of the funds we collect in the process of selling these Audio CDs towards the NCMTC building fund, and have received a very enthusiastic response towards this project so far.

 choir cd


Ascharya Kripa (Amazing Grace) -  A CD Album by NCMTC Men's Voices

 This album consists of 19 Malayalam Hymns sung in 4 parts harmony. The album was released on Oct 20, 2019. We still have copies of this CD if you like to grab one.

MensVoice 2019


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