Sevika Sangham
Worship Time: Sunday @ 10:00AM
2773 Milburnie Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610
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Sevika Sangham

SevikaS 2019

Sevika Sangham meets regularly every second and fourth Sundays after service.


Sevika Sangham Committee

The following are the 2019 Committee Members

  1.     President – Rev. Sam Oommen Mathews
  2.     Vice President – 
  3.     Secretary/ Executive Committee Rep – 
  4.     Treasurer – 
  5.     Auditor: 

Every 2nd Sunday, Bible study is led by one of the members for the deeper understanding of the scripture. This has provided for the spiritual awakening and nurturing of the ladies in the church. On every 4th Sunday, fellowship meeting is held during which intercessory prayer is conducted and members discuss ways to help, encourage and console each other. It also provides opportunities to empower women in taking a pivotal role in the growth of church.

Year 2017-2018

World Prayer Day

World Day of Prayer (WDP) is a worldwide ecumenical movement of Christian women of many traditions who come together to observe a common day of prayer and action each year on the first weekend in March. In our church it was conducted on March 12th Sunday. Sevika Sangham members were actively involved in the Sunday special service and the sermon was delivered by a Sevika Sangham member.

Regional Sevika Sangham meeting

Annual regional meeting was held at Atlanta Marthoma Church on May 13th 2017. Many members from our church attended the conference and joined the Sevika Sangham members from the other churches in the region in a day of prayer and fellowship. Renny Bobby, was elected as the secretary of the Regional Sevika Sangham. Our Sevika Sangham also actively participated in the charity event conducted by the regional committee to honor the 100th Birthday celebration of our dear Valiya Metropolitan.

Bake/Food Sale and Fellowship Support

In order to raise money for charity work in India, Sevika Sangham conducts bake/food sale after service during which delicious home cooked lunch and other items are sold. Sevika Sangham members also actively help in hosting food for various programs of the Parish on a voluntary basis so that church members can actively participate in church activities.

HFest Ladies

 Baby Shower

Sevika Sangham actively participates in organizing baby shower for expectant mothers and joining their families in celebrating the arrival of a new little Christian life. These moments help moms as they deal with a critical event in their life and they experience the support and warmth of the entire church family through fellowship, prayer, and blessings.

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